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Principal Investigator

 The medical equipment industry of Japan is strong in a diagnosis apparatus, but lacks in the development capability of the treatment apparatus.There are few a result, from Japan treatment apparatuses and is rare when it becomes the original treatment apparatus.Causes include a characteristic of the risk aversion of the company and fewer practical use experience there.The development of “the new eyes of the surgeon” is our goal,As a solution, I performed international standardization and a doctor-led clinical trial and arrived at the pharmaceutical approval each in IEC standard FD publication, September, 2013 in July, 2013.

 Because we keenly realized the need of the talented person who could promote the practical use of the high risk altitude managed care apparatus quickly throughout abreast of whole medical equipment development process – medical needs search, prototypic development, examination – for approval, I applied for “The promoting the talented person for the advanced medical care innovation” of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology which I trained, and it was adopted by these experience.I thank for having had such an opportunity and push on for substantial program construction.

 Specifically, based on the advanced engineering surgery in our advanced life Institute of Medical Science Lab and plan the skill of development / pharmaceutical affair both sides by “the doctor leadership clinical trial practice” that imitated approval application from the design of the solution, “medical equipment development study and instruction” prototyping and real protocol making from needs extraction in the guides of the experience-rich instructor.As a thing equivalent to a completion examination, we assign business plan making and feed the basics of side of the clinical business that is indispensable to pass, and to send it for a new idea. In addition, we cultivate the global idea, thought that can cope with future world environment change by a training subject by the cooperation (Stanford University biodesign program, University of Minnesota medical device center, Harvard University Brigham and women hospital) of the battle front laboratory of the overseas medical equipment development.And we perform addition of “a program to get over it, and to have one – breakthrough power – of the difficulty” in a doctorate course and bring up a promoted person leading practical use of the advanced medical equipment.

 I am happy if you can participate in the student who can share a difficult aim called the development practical use of the treatment apparatus a lot.

Principal Investigator,
Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science,
Faculty of Advanced Techno-Surgery,

Professor   Yoshihiro Muragaki