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 For improving medical average in not only Japan also in the world, it is necessary to develop and spread evolutional medical devices.For that, we need the talent know needs of medical settings, device prototype developing to safety and efficiency evaluation.However traditional Japanese education style was based on seminar style. It is not enough to promote talent who solve various difficult problems to use medical devices practically and spread them and bring up them as standard level.
 Tokyo Women’s Medical University will provide the chance how to break through the various difficult problems with our profound knowledge of the regulatory science and regulatory affairs. Also we add intensive course for our Advanced surgical engineering field and make our program more practical.


  • ・Promoting talent in leader class for high risk medical device
  • ・Consider to promote the ability ,breakthrough the various difficult problems, in clinical as important.
  • ・Making the place that grasp the world situation precisely, and causes innovation as Japan.

This program, “theme A : Training the talent who promote the medical innovation”, was selected as Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology future medical research and promoting talent base project.(Representative: Toshimasa Yoshioka President, Person in charge : Yoshihiro Muragaki PhD)