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    Tokyo Women’s Medical University Global COE (Centers of Excellence);
    Multidisciplinary Education and Research Center for the Establishment of Regenerative Medicine

    Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science
    Tokyo Women’s Medical University
    8-1 Kawada-cho, Shinjuku-ku
    Tokyo 162-8666 JAPAN

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Personnel development

The researchers and doctors whom we seek to develop will have a true understanding of the significance of partnerships between medicine and engineering, and between academia and industry. They will also possess the learning and ability to pursue multidisciplinary R&D towards technologies for advanced medical treatment which they can then implement.
They will be people who understand the cultural and language gaps observed between doctors and researchers in science, engineering and pharmacology. Respecting each others’ ideas, they will be able to develop entirely new, advanced medical treatments. In other words, they will be people who

  1. Acquire knowledge and skills in both medical science and engineering
  2. Have an international sense and can understand studies on advanced medical treatment from around the world
  3. Are multidisciplinary innovators who can propose original research, and structure and implement methodologies accordingly.

Furthermore, they should be able to plan and carry out large scale clinical studies to validate the safety and efficacy of the new technologies for advanced medical treatment. This kind of leader of international, advanced medical research represents a specific example of the personnel we aim to produce.
Whatever the case, personnel are required who have high-level communication skills, with a flexible imagination and sensibility, who are not restricted by the framework of conventional academic fields.

Good research is always achieved by undermining expectations in a good sense, and through R&D that goes in unforeseen directions.
With a shared recognition that people are needed who understand this essential aspect of research and who can guide the next generation, we aim to develop the personnel required.

In addition, by learning from specific examples of advanced medical research processes from around the world, they will develop a global perspective. This will enable them to participate in international journals and conferences, and to plan and lead joint international studies.