Research principles

For the start of this project, we have decided to emphasize research principles and a resolution that all the researchers involved can affirm. We intend to state this message at every opportunity.

The word "passion" originally meant the "suffering of Christ".

To fulfill his mission from God to save people oppressed by illness and devils, Christ carried his own cross up to the hill of Golgotha. In other words, real passion is the energy that people who are imbued with a special mission find in the depths of their being that propels them forward.

We must recognize the limitations of today's healthcare, and in order to fulfill our mission to cure tomorrow's patients, we must confidently face the hardships and difficulties inherent in pursuing innovation. We will therefore gather together the people and technologies required to realize regenerative medicine and press on towards our goal. Those are our principles.

Regenerative medicine enables curative treatments previously considered impossible. While it holds out a range of possibilities, it is still in the germinative stage. The concept for establishing Tokyo Women's Medical University as a center calls for gathering a variety of leading edge technologies through partnerships between medicine and engineering, and between academia and industry. We will pursue multifaceted development of regenerative medicine technologies for the treatment of a range of diseases with the aim of empowering society with regenerative medicine in the near future.

We intend to pursue focused research activities in a timely manner, with a shared sense of mission. Therefore we chose the name Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering Center (CSTEC) and its associated logo, and stated our research principles.