CellSeed Inc.

Cell Sheet Regenerative Technology Revolutionizing Medicine

 CellSeed Inc. is a regenerative medicine company established in 2001 spinning off from Institute of Advanced BioMedical Engineering and Science (ABMES), Tokyo Women's Medical University (TWMU). We aim to commercialize and globally disseminate our original "cell sheet regenerative medicine", which can cure various diseases and injuries by regenerating tissues based on and by applying cell sheet engineering. Cell sheet engineering is an innovative technology platform used to cultivate an intact sheet-form tissue ("cell sheet") from cells by using "temperatureresponsive cultureware" invented by Professor Teruo Okano of TWMU for the first time in the world. A cell sheet produced with this technology does not lose but rather maintains its cell adhesive protein and extracellular matrix. Therefore it can be successfully engrafted on a diseased area without suture in transplantation. In addition, containing rich in stem cells, it stimulates regeneration of tissues at the diseased area efficiently and continuously. These are the examples of the distinctive features of cell sheet regenerative medicine product.

 CellSeed is focusing on two kinds of cell sheet engineering-based businesses. One is cell sheet regenerative medicine business in which our main purpose is to deliver to medical institutes and patients all over the world various cell sheet regenerative medicine products as safe, high-quality pharmaceutical products. We currently develop five major cell sheet regenerative medicine products in pipeline. These include epithelial cell sheets for corneal regeneration, epithelial cell sheets for esophageal regeneration, and cell sheets for periodontal tissue regeneration and so on. In addition, we are also in the role of commercializing the fruits of R&D collaboration at Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering Center (CSTEC) and delivering the products to patients. Thus we are participating in the cell sheet regenerative medicine R&D activities at CSTEC in a number of ways.

 Our second business focus is on the laboratory consumables and equipment business used in supporting regenerative medicine. The core products are the temperature-responsive cell cultureware (the key tool to cell-sheet engineering) called UpCell; the temperature-responsive cell cultureware to recover intact cells called RepCell; and low cell binding cultureware called HydroCell. Currently we are the only company in the world that manufactures and sells the temperature-responsive cell cultureware commercially. By supplying these products, we are supporting regenerative medical R&D activities around the world. In addition we are participating in joint R&D activities in new mass production technology for temperature-responsive cell cultureware at CSTEC since the center's inauguration.

 It is our sincere desire to continue promoting R&D activities at CSTEC in the future in order to achieve our goal of global dissemination of cell sheet regenerative medicine.